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Aubrie Lynn is a singer/songwriter/CMA member from the College Station Texas area. In June of 2014 she released her first single titled "Get Lost With You", from the "Get Lost With you" EP, that was later released in January of 2015. Her next single "Waiting On You" along with the music video, was released January 2017 at Steamboat Music Festival.

Currently, Aubrie is spending her time playing close to 100 shows a year in Texas. She is also traveling to Nashville each month to play events such as whiskey jam, attend CMA functions, song writing and recording. Aubrie's new self titled project released April 17th, 2018 with the first single to released May 22nd, 2018.


Brian Hatfield (Program Director, Highway 65 Radio)


What Aubrie has in her voice is something not many singers have and that is a true country sound, with today's sound.  I love it!

The Eagle

When her tour guide at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville asked if anyone played music, Aubrie Lynn had no idea she'd figure out what she wanted to do with the rest of her life that day. Lynn was touring the venue with her family during her senior of high school and, with just a little push, ended up singing acapella on the same stage that George Jones, Willie Nelson and other country music legends have performed on.

"At this point, I wasn't even thinking towards a career in music -- it was just basically a hobby that I did in church," Lynn said. "And it took some convincing, but I got up on that stage. And once you stand on that stage and you think about all the artists that've stood there -- Merle Haggard and Johnny Cash -- you know, all these people and you're just standing in the spot where they stood and you look up at that view and it's just amazing. ... I sang acapella, and well everybody on the tour stopped and started listening to me. And everybody, like, cheered and yelled and stuff afterwards, and I was hooked after that."

After she sang at the Ryman Auditorium, the College Station native decided against going to Texas A&M's veterinary school and had one goal: become a musician. Lynn said she was scared about making such a big decision, but she knew music was her true calling. The 24-year-old didn't start playing guitar until she was 20 and started touring a little over two years ago.

"I think when I first started, I was kind of scared, because I was like, 'Oh gosh, this is taking a huge risk,'" Lynn said. "If I become a vet, I'd love that and there's stability in that, but then music has been my number one passion and if I really asked myself -- and that was one of the questions I asked myself coming out of high school -- 'What is going to make me truly happy?' and I could only answer music."

Lynn didn't change career paths without any musical experience though -- she was in choir in high school and was even classically trained by a voice coach who worked with the Houston Opera. As a result, Lynn said she feels like she is more than just a country artist and this is evident when she does covers of Adele and Nora Jones songs at her shows.

"I've never been just a one-track mind kind of person -- yes I sing country music and I love country music, I've been known to sing classic and opera all the way to rap songs," Lynn said. "I love all kind of stuff. So, I would definitely say I'm influenced by every genre."

She saw her risk pay off when her first EP Get Lost With You was released in 2015, and she's been developing her own sound since -- one she calls a mix of modern and classic country with some bluegrass influences.

Lynn wrote and recorded a majority of the songs in College Station and said her goal with her music is to give people a familiar story. She is hoping to finish writing songs for her first self-titled album sometime in 2017 and is scheduled to play her first artist showcase in Nashville on July 10, where executives from a few record labels will be in attendance.

"I always write songs, and I think for me the biggest thing about being an artist is being relatable," Lynn said. "If you don't write music that you can relate to, your audience is not going to relate to that. And so I think a lot of the songs, actually all of the songs, were stuff that I was dealing with in my life at certain points and the album kind of came over a couple of years -- just different experiences that I was going through and all of that."

At her show on June 28 at the Stella Hotel in Bryan, Lynn sang a mix of covers and few originals including Slow, and Call Me, scheduled to be on her self-titled album. She turned head's in the hotel's Campfire Bar with her powerful vocals, coupled with her stage presence -- enough so that folk artist and College Station local Cyd Cassone was impressed. 

Cassone, who's toured around the world as a duo with fellow folk and gospel artist Ruthie Foster, said she sees Lynn making her mark on the industry. Cassone even asked if they wanted her to play percussion at one of Lynn's upcoming shows.

"Aubrie's sound, even though she's a beginner in this, she's not done that extensive touring that I'm familiar with, she's already got that old soul sound -- like some part of her has already been here doing this," Cassone said. "Her stage presence is like she was born with it -- she's got this inherent ability to command everyone's attention from the stage, everyone in here has been paying attention to her."

Lynn uses her music to give back to the community through charity work. She works with several charities, including Food for Hungry and Eleventh Candle Co. Food for Hungry allows people to sponsor a child in need, and Eleventh Candle Co. supports women coming out of sex trafficking by providing them work making candles.

"There's a lot of people that have poured into me growing up -- into my life as I've become an artist and even just through high school anything that I've done, I've always been supported and loved and so I think that I want to give back to that," Lynn said. "And even just the fans, I want to pour out what's been poured into me."

Lynn said she's fortunate to do something she loves and doesn't plan on taking it for granted -- she wants to be known as an artist who's genuine.

"I definitely don't ever want to be one of those artists that just takes it as fame and fortune and wants to take advantage of that. I definitely want to put the time and effort into giving back what I've been given ... because how many people can you think of that say they do their dream job? There's not a lot."




Album Spotlight: Aubrie Lynn – Get Lost With You

A debut EP is always an exciting event.  It’s an exciting opportunity for fans to hear a catalogue of an artist’s skill set for the first time and it’s an exciting opportunity for an artist to showcase their ability to impress people through a variety of songs.  When we were suggested Aubrie Lynn’s single “Get Lost with You” for our Texas Music Breakthrough, we took a listen and immediately fell in love with her voice and charismatic style.  We we’re impressed by the way her vocals just seemed to glide along the track so effortlessly, yet so composed and driven.  When we heard she had a debut EP coming out, we knew we had to get our hands on it and see what she had.  Needless to say, we were not disappointed.

As the music for “Carolina Rain” started, it brought a feeling of comfort, yet excitement.   The fiddle sawed and Lynn’s voice struck the track.  Immediately the strong vocals came through and a smile came to my face.  I loved the easiness, the simplicity, and grace in which the song was coming together.   I took me to a tin-roof on farm in a thunderstorm; while it may appear to be dark and gloomy on the outside, there was also a sense of calm that the storm would eventually settle inside; much like the journey of heartbreak the song tells.  The song ended and I took another drink of my Saturday morning coffee, as I eagerly anticipated what the rest of the EP had in store.

“Get Lost with You” was the next song on the list and as it came on, my wife shouted from the kitchen “turn it up, I like this one!” (we’ve played it a few times around the house).  The song cohesively carries on the easiness and elegance of the first track and changes the mood to one of young love.  The song is catchy, the music compliments the vocals, and the harmonies are on par!  We’re really hoping to hear this one of the radio waves soon!

Lynn continues to sing about love, heartbreak, and the complexity of young relationships in the next two songs “Good Enough Isn’t Love” and “Lie to Me”.  Both tracks have outstanding vocals and we love how everything fits together collectively.  One thing new artists seem to struggle with is making a record that seems like a collection of songs, rather than a bunch of tracks thrown together.  We feel the title track and theme “Get Lost with You” fits perfectly and Lynn does a great job of taking her listeners through a journey rather than a scavenger hunt.

*Pick of the album*

“Why Do I” was the last track on my set of files, and what we feel is the best song on the EP.  The track boasts the best music on the track, as you can feel the scorn in the haunting fiddle licks.  You can’t help but sing along to the “why do I, why do IIIIIIIIII, ….” each time the chorus plays and the attitude in Lynn’s vocals matches the tone of the track perfectly.  The concept is very relatable and we feel it’s the most complete track on the EP.

Overall, we’re happy with the way the EP turned out.  For a debut record, it does just what it should: showcase the artist’s talents.  We’re looking forward to seeing Lynn progress, as she takes the first major step in her musical career.  Keep an eye out for Aubrie Lynn!

Check out her single “Get Lost With You” below!




Jason Hetland and the Rodeo Round Up caught up with Texas singer/songwriter Aubrie Lynn at the 2014 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo. With her debut album now available for purchase she talks to you about what all went into picking the songs for the album and her newest release as well!





"Aubrie Lynn's newest EP "Get Lost With You" is a heartfelt compilation of original songs performed by a fresh voice that echoes the traditions of great country music"

Aubrie Lynn live on KBTX for the "Free Music Fridays" segment! Follow link for full interview and live performance. 

Aubrie Lynn

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